Your Current Life Experience Reflects Your Current Personality
You Created Your Current Personality Subconsciously
This Includes Everything That Now Limits You
The New Personality Process Transforms Every Aspect Of You
Master The Simple Techniques That Put You In Full Control
Then You Can Change Anything You Want, Whenever You Want
Then You Can Really Start Living Life To The Full


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How will you FEEL in one month's time when you?

- Have reconnected with your life purpose

- Fully appreciate your inherent value

- Have experienced a number of A-HA moments

- Released a lot of negative energy

- Understand how to pivot away from negative emotions

- Know that you have the power to feel good whenever you want to

- Feel exhilarated about the future you are now in the process of creating

Just let me introduce you to a simple to understand, scientifically proven formula that delivers profound change in anyone's life ... GUARANTEED!

  • Release all the limitations you have subconsciously collected 

  • Bring your mind & body back into balance

  • Choose a new way of being

  • Transform existing & new relationships

  • Step into an inspiring new future

  • Heal your body in the process

  • Become the person you always wanted to be



The majority of people wait for crisis or trauma to occur before they decide to change something important in their lives

The prevailing attitude is 'change is uncomfortable' so avoid it wherever possible

BUT what if you learned all the secrets to changing anything in your life

AND what if you practised the key skills you need until you mastered each of them

AND what if you created in your mind a future that inspired and energised you


Of course you would .... then please don't miss this opportunity to give me a call


This work is most powerful face-to-face (2m apart  obviously haha)

My role is to ignite & inspire your passion for a brighter future

We don't need to dwell for long on your negative experiences

We do need to get clear on what you do want

We will develop new perspectives on your past

We will explore the real power you have within you

We will select one issue you want to overcome

We will select one intention you want to create

We will practice the easy techniques that will transform your future

We will agree how quickly you want to succeed

Hopefully you'll choose within 30 days


This work remains really powerful delivered online

Some form of video connection is all we really need

I offer total flexibility on the timing of our sessions

You can determine how often you want my input

The length of sessions can be changed as needed

You can add new issues & intentions as desired

You can invite others to join a session if you want

Ultimately you get the Powerful Programme you need

I commit to providing all the support you require

All available at a fixed cost payable in two instalment

30 Days to a New Personality

Your Personalised Programme

Up to 3 personal visits

Up to 6 online video sessions

Unlimited email or SMS support

FEES start from £295.00

Delighted within 60 days or your MONEY BACK



As a lifelong educator, coaching professional and public speaker, Johnny of New Personality has been challenging the status quo for the past 25 years ... His journey on this path started when he witnessed just how poor the current Education System was at harnessing the full potential of many, many children


Johnny has total belief in the UNLIMITED POTENTIAL of every human being, and he never tires in his objective to seek out Universal Truths and communicate this most powerful information, to anyone eager to change their future, in the simplest way to easily understand, apply and quickly master


 Deep within each of us is a knowing that we came into this lifetime to explore the unlimited contrast in our 3D reality so we could select that which we personally wanted to experience ... BUT the simplicity of how  we achieve this has been hidden from us

Johnny's mission is to reconnect as many people as possible with these simple truths so each can release that which is not wanted and effectively attract only that which is personally wanted

The net result of this work is a rapidly growing list of clients that have renewed their passion for life and have rediscovered the unlimited creative power that lies within each of them


New Personality offers everyone an opportunity to view their life experience and their future from a totally enlivening perspective


Spend a little time with Johnny and your life will never be the same again.


Take the first step towards a new and inspiring future by making contact with us via SMS today

Practice starting your day like this little girl


What People Are Saying

"I have never previously heard such powerful information presented in such an easy to understand and inspiring way ... I'd recommend everyone listens to what Johnny has to say"


Sharon Simms

"The first session had a profound impact on how I now view my future ... Armed with very practical tools to support my growth, I'm now back in the driver seat of my life"


James Court

"I cannot believe how much happier I am feeling everyday ... My mission now is to continue being the new person that I have always wanted to be"


Kate Davis



Thanks ... Can't wait to connect with you