Coaching Preparation

STEP ONE: Clarify Your Personal Intentions

1. Select one issue you want to quickly overcome

2. Select one opportunity you quickly want to manifest

They do not need to be your highest priorities to start with as we intend to prove just how rapid your progress will be when you apply my formula


STEP TWO: Review Your Personal Learning Style

What is the best way for you to MASTER a new topic?

- Do you relish understanding exactly how & why things work?

- What type of coaching support will work best for you?

- Schedule every session in advance or as and when required?

- Do you enjoy working towards tangible goals?

- Will a positive return on your investment be motivating for you?


Let us discuss how you can quickly step into your New Personality

- Leave your old personality behind

- Free yourself from your past

- Target specific emotions for release

- Consciously experience controlling your brain wave states

- Heal yourself by maintaining a coherent balance in both mind & body

- Play with infinite possibilities

- Set crystal clear intentions

- Learn how to minimise resistance to your success

- Embrace the unknown

- Practice new states of being

- Immerse yourself in your New Personality

- Never be the same again

- Watch your life experience transform before your eyes ...

We will conclude by formulating a bespoke plan for you that will provide exactly the support you need to accomplish your first two intentions inside the first 30 days of us working together


As soon as you have completed Steps 1 & 2 above, please contact me by CLICKING HERE to schedule Step 3 at your earliest opportunity

I'm really looking forward to speaking with you